Mid Atlantic Pom & Dance Association

Band Dance

An ensemble of elements with drill/marching, jazz, ballet, and/or modern as the foundation, used to create visual effects and/or interpret a musical arrangement to appeal to the crowd.

Required Elements

  • The performance must include a minimum of one turn, one leap and one jump.
  • Properly executed technical dance skills must be incorporated.

Potential Penalties

  • A routine with less than the minimum required technical elements will result in 3 point penalty
  • Routine must be to Band music such as school band, drum line, etc. There can be singing as long as band music is in the background. A 3-pt penalty will be assessed if band music is not used.

Score Sheet

Helpful Hints

Variety of Elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Level changes and floor work incorporating dance elements
  • Group work incorporating dance elements
  • Types of technical elements
  • Type of dance styles
  • Use of hands and heads
  • Tempo of dance sequences
  • Directional Changes while executing dance elements (movement L to R, front to back, crossing, etc.) 

Difficulty of Elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Changing the tempo of movements
  • Increasing the number of body parts used to complete a movement
  • Increasing the number of elements within a dance sequence
  • Complexity of the movements within a dance sequence
  • Increasing the number of performers executing a dance sequence
  • Traveling while executing a dance sequence 

Creativity is Defined as the following:

  • The extent to which basic dance movements, combinations and visual effects are used in unusual ways.
  • Consider how "old" dance combinations may be revamped in an interesting "new" way or debut a totally different concept or visual effect.