Mid Atlantic Pom & Dance Association


This is an optional category; it is at the teams discretion to select one member to participate. This member need not be a captain, but should be a team leader.

Sponsors should discuss the completed (post competition) score sheet directly with the evaluated dancer, not with the entire squad. It should be used as a positive learning tool.

Since the evaluated member is part of the team, should the team be disqualified, the member will also be disqualified and thus will be ineligible to compete for the award.

There are two areas of focus in this category: Execution and General Effect. Each area of focus has a number of specific elements to consider.

NOTE: Some elements are not applicable to all Short Categories

Captains Score Sheet



Grace & Coordination

  • Movement from one dance element to the next is smooth and coordinated in such a way that it does not appear awkward.

Exact Placements

  • proper posture and alignment (left to right, front to back, and up and down) of all body parts.
  • Motions are fully completed without hyper-extension.

Uniformity / Precision:

Unison & Timing

  • The performance is "clean" and the captain appears to move "as one" with the rest of the squad.
  • Motions have the same emphasis and intensity as all other members.
  • Motions are executed on the proper counts without hesitation or anticipation.

Sharp/Controlled Movements:

  • Arms are tight and elbows are not broken during precision movements.
  • Movement from one placement to the next is intentional and controlled.
  • Proper posture and alignment of shoulders, arms, hands, torso, hips and knees to create good body-lines.


  • All technical dance elements (ballet/jazz or hip-hop based) will be evaluated for proper execution.
  • Correct relevè, pliè, dèveloppè, chainè, spotting, etc., along with well-positioned feet, arms, and torso are critical to proper execution of technical skills.



Transitions and Formations

  • The captain knows the proper positions in formations and can get there without creating a distraction.
  • The captain begins and ends a travel step on the correct foot, on the proper count and facing the correct direction. The footwork is together with other members and in-step with the music.
  • The captain is in the correct position front to back, left to right, down a diagonal, or around a curve.


  • The performance is free of memory errors, with motions, movements and maneuvering elements executed on proper counts.
  • If necessary, the captain recovers quickly from mistakes.


Energy and Endurance

  • First and foremost, the captain gives 100% to the ENTIRE performance.
  • The energy level is consistent with other members and does not fade in and out during the performance or from beginning to end.


  • The captain performs with pride and really "sells the routine" to the audience.
  • The captain Sparkles throughout the routine and exhibits pride in the performance.
  • The captain has fun performing and translates that enjoyment to the audience.
  • The expressions are choreographed to interpret the moves and music.
  • The facials are consistent with other members and disappointment does not show in event of an error.

Eye contact and good posture are signs of assurance