Mid Atlantic Pom & Dance Association


Division I Team

High School Teams (grades 9-12 / Varsity)

experienced in that they have been competing for several years and have had some measure of success.

Division II Team

High School Teams (grades 9-12 / JV)

developing the experiences that lead to becoming a Division I team

Division III Team

High School Teams (grades 9-12)

Middle School and Junior Teams (grades 6-8)

Recreational Teams (grades 8 & 9)

new to dance and competition, developing the confidence and technical skills to become a Division II team.

Youth Division

Recreational Teams (ages 5-11)

Elementary School Teams (grades 3-5)

Exhibition Division

Teams Grade 1 - Grade 8

Any team wishing to preform in order to gain experience on the floor.

Teams will not be eligible for placement trophies or qualify for championships

Teams can request judges critiques (no score) for a nominal fee.

With the recommendations of MAPDA, the team itself makes the designation of division at the beginning of each season and can not move down once the designation has been made. 

Teams MUST be in the same division for each of the dance categories. 

MAPDA reserves the right to move a team up, regardless if they have placed first at championships the year before.

Once a team moves to Division I, it will remain there for at least three (3) competitive season.

Group Sizes

Small Group

a team that fields 4-10* dancers on the floor for a single routine in one category

Large Group

a team that fields 11+ dancers on the floor for a single routine in one category

A large group cannot consist of dancers from different divisions. 

No team/school can enter more than one group per category, per division

Championships Qualifications

In order to qualify a team for Championships, a "team" is considered when there are 4 or more members performing in a category. You must have 4 or more members to perform in a category at Championships.

*Teams may perform with less than 4 members but will not be able to qualify for Championships.

*Teams must qualify at a MAPDA-Judged event.

Teams must also attend 3 MAPDA-Judged events. If there are less regular season competitions, the number of events will change for qualification.