Mid Atlantic Pom & Dance Association


Participation in any Pom & Dance Competition is a privilege and is based on the MAPDA principle of promoting school spirit through dance. It can be practiced by squads of varied and diverse backgrounds.  

As Coaches and Athletes you occupy a position of trust and are significant role models. A high standard of good conduct before, during and after any Pom & Dance Competition is expected and required of all those participating.

An athlete’s conduct both on and off the dance floor must be consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, with an emphasis on conducting oneself, whether in victory or defeat, in such a way that inspires fellow competitors and future competitors to attain the highest level of sportsmanship

The coach and dancers will respect, other competitors, spectators, organizers, and officials:

  • will not engage in discriminatory conduct
  • will not engage in violent or abusive conduct whether verbal or physical or abuse of any kind
  • will comply with the rules, regulations, policies and decisions of MAPDA as it applies to unsportsmanlike conduct.

All participants in the Mid-Atlantic Pom & Dance Association; whether coaches, organizers, fellow squads or others; have an obligation to encourage high standards of good conduct, and discourage unacceptable conduct by team members.

Any violation of the Sportsmanship Conduct Rule observed by another team, coach or competition attendee can only be submitted by the "offended" teams coach / sponsor. MAPDA officials will then observe the "offending" team at the next competition to validate the violation. MAPDA MUST directly observe an offence in order to pursue any disciplinary actions. The purpose of this rule is to prevent "nuisance" complaints due to school rivalries.

Any violation of the Sportsmanship Conduct Rule observed directly by a MAPDA Judge / Official will be addressed before the next competition.

Any disciplinary actions will be at the discretion of the MAPDA Judges Panel; actions will be based upon the severity of the violation.


  • Revokation of the opportunity to participate in the next MAPDA Qualifying competition. If fee's have already been paid, they will be forfeited.
  • Disqualification from Champsionships for that season.
  • Forfeiting the opportunity to host a MAPDA Qualifying competition the next season.
  • Suspension for one (1) season from any MAPDA competition.